“Most compelling in their understatement are Azizah Hayes (Rowen) as Polyxena – Hecuba’s daughter, who goes to a sacrificial death with courage and dignity…”

“…She receives orders from the Greek governing council that daughter Polyxena , Azizah Hayes (Rowen) must be sacrificed.. Both mother and daughter bear this doom with regal dignity.. a riveting performance..”

“With enormous energy and talent, this young theater company bursts onto the scene with a revival of Caryl Churchill’s disturbing diatribe about human fear and cruelty…. Director L. Zane commands absolute commitment from the entire cast, who move from 17th-century garb and mannerisms to starkly contemporary dancing and singing as, between scenes, a rock band pulls us roughly out of the play’s world. Matching the intensity of the music and dance pieces is a disconcerting series of video images that serves as a moving backdrop. The result of all these elements is a stirring production that fulfills Churchill’s rowdiest ambitions and indignation…”
LA WEEKLY, Pick of the Week

"This ensemble works with an ambition many theater companies ought to adopt. A strong debut-strong enough to gain Pick of the Week honors in the LA Weekly with its initial show, an incredibly rare achievement. They show every sign of one day joining Circle X, the
Odyssey, the Evidence Room, the Actor's Gang, the Open Fist and others in the top tier of the city's small theatre companies."
Theatre 2k

"...noteworthy fervor, fierce aplomb. The company shows great promise."
LA Times

 "As the judgmental, infantile Voices, Srednicki,
Hayes (Rowen) and Quijano are impressively in sync,
delivering lines in whining or commanding unison."